A Reading Update

Just wanted to check in with an accountability update on my goal to read one book a week this year. I knew ahead of time this would be challenging, but I hadn’t quite realized just how much of a push it would be for me to stick to it. I’ve really had to keep forcing myself to read, staying up later, squeezing in reading at times when I have a ton of other things on my plate.

But I’m still on track.

I’ve finished 32 books so far this year, and I’m halfway through my 33rd. The question, of course, is whether this is a good idea or not. Honestly, I’m not sure. It might be a goal I’d be better of letting slip. Mainly because it’s causing me more stress than I wanted it to. I have enough going on to make me busy; why make things harder on myself?

I believe I’m going to finish out the year with the goal, however. I’ve come this far, and it doesn’t make sense to me to give up just now. I mean, I’m almost through with my latest MEMORY THIEF 2 revision, and that’s what’s been taking up most of my time. Once I’m on the flip side of that, things should improve. And then, if I’ve successfully done it this year, when things have been so crazy, why not try to make it into a habit and do it every year? They can’t always be this hectic, right?

With all these books I’ve been reading, where have been all my reviews? I’ve written up some, but I generally am only writing reviews when I really love a book and can recommend it to others. I don’t write reviews where I’m lukewarm or ambivalent, and I definitely don’t review books I disliked. I consider it all a matter of professional courtesy. You never know when I’m going to meet an author. So I keep things positive.

Anyway. I was looking for a topic to write about today, and this seemed apropos. I’m off at a library training meeting, so try to do something fun for me today, okay?

Got any great books to recommend?

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