Adventures in Wisdom Teeth

I know what you’re probably expecting to read in this post. Something about how Tomas has gotten to the age when he needs to head to the dentist for the ol’ wisdom tooth removal. He’s well past 15, after all. It wouldn’t be stunning for that to happen at his age. He probably started to have his teeth hurt, and we had to go to see what the problem was, yada yada yada.

Well, you’d be partially right. The whole “pain in the mouth” thing did start happening about a month and a half ago. It’s just it didn’t happen to Tomas. It happened to DC.

If you know DC, you know she looks extremely grown up for her age. She’s still just 11. But when her tooth started hurting in October, “wisdom teeth” was about the furthest thing in my mind for what might be wrong with her. But a trip to the dentist and an x-ray later, and we knew that’s actually what was going on. So today I took her to the oral surgeon to get her lower wisdom teeth out.

It was quite the ordeal.

It’s stressful enough when you’re in high school and you have to deal with it. (I myself never had my wisdom teeth out. What can I say? I’ve got an enormous mouth.) But when you’re in sixth grade? I felt so bad for her, especially since she’s not that good with needles. (Remind me to tell you sometime the ordeal that we had when we had to get her blood drawn . . .)

Still, she managed it wonderfully. She faced her fears and pushed through, and I was very proud of her. I know some people video their kids when they wake up after being put under. Having seen someone dealing with it firsthand, I can’t imagine doing that to a kid. They’ve just been essentially traumatized. They’re still out of it. It’s not the time to make jokes at someone’s expense. (DC was still in tears even when she woke up, the poor thing.)

Anyway. It’s rare when your second child breaks the ice for something, especially something that normally is so age bound. Either way, now I know what it’s like, and I should be better positioned to help the other kids when they face the same experience.

For now, DC is watching Studio C and eating ice cream. There are worse after effects . . .

All well wishes for her are welcome!


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