All Hail the Mighty Victor!

March Madness has come to a close. It was a strange tournament this year for me. My picks were really spot on for the most part, with one glaring error: my pick to win it all (Michigan State) lost in the first round. Despite that, I held on with my other picks so that I ended up coming in 3rd place. It’s a moral victory, really. Though in my immediate family, TRC beat me to come in second, and then of course, there’s the grand prize winner: TommyBoy#Happy=)

(Did I spell that right?)

He was the only person to actually believe Villanova would win it all, which I find odd. I mean, they were a #2 seed, and out of 16 entries, only 1 person went with them? Tournament brackets truly are a strange science.

What does TommyBoy win? The right to design a post-apocalyptic character for my UTOPIA book,  of course. Think of it as sort of a Mad Max-esque, body modified, steam punk-ish person. Maybe he/she has a metal clamp for an arm, or breathes through a ventilator, or has a flamethrower built into their body somewhere. Tattoos? Crazy hair? Go for it. I might have to tweak things to make it fit with the story (no guns, for example. There are non on board the ship.), but I’m going to try and work with whatever I get.

Also, name the character! So far I’ve got one called Albert the Dog Faced Boy, for example. There’s also the Oversir. Go to town! Get inventive! You deserve it, TommyBoy.

What will I do to keep myself busy now that I can’t vicariously live through the brackets? Play fantasy baseball, of course. My team (the Punxsutawney Groundhogs) was just drafted on Friday, and they already started up their season. In true Bryce-fashion, they look great on paper and have promptly underperformed for the first two days of action.

Go Groundhogs!

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