All Plugged Up

Some days don’t go like you plan. Some days, you think you’re going to zig, but then you just don’t zag. You end up getting a clogged main drain in your kitchen that causes two sinks and a dishwasher to overflow.

Or is that just me?

Honestly, I think things like this stick out mainly because we take them for granted for so long. You turn on the kitchen sink, and it just works. The water goes down the drain, and everybody’s happy. So when you turn on the sink and the water doesn’t go down the drain, but instead drains into the dishwasher (except you don’t realize that just yet), then things are alarming. And so when you try for a couple of hours to use different ways to fix that drain, and keep filling it up again to see what’s going on (each time sending more water to your dishwasher), you get even more aggravated.

And when you hear a dripping sound coming from your dishwasher? And you open it up and have a gallon or two of water flood out over your kitchen floor?

That’s not a good feeling, either.

Of course, I turned to research to try and solve the problem, but my plumbing didn’t line up with the plumbing I was researching, no matter how many links I clicked or pages I turned. So I called my genius handyman, who showed up and confirmed that my plumbing was . . . unique. After we tried for another half hour or so to clear the drain, the solution was clear:

Just rip out the plumbing and start over.

So that’s what’s happening at home today while I’m at work. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s going well. They already found an kitchen knife lodged in the pipe. Apparently those things can fit down the drain. Who knew? In the meantime, I guess I’m just happy to be here at work, far away from drains and plungers for a while.

How was your yesterday?

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