Another Fantastic VODNIK Review

On the last night of ALA, I was lying in bed checking Twitter and Facebook, when what did I come across but this:

My book review for @bmoorebooks Vodník has been published in the spring/summer 2013 issue of SIGNAL Journal!
— Goddess of Drums (@goddessofdrums) July 2, 2013

(Click through to the pic if it isn’t showing up automagically in the blog post for some reason.) “A page-turner with interesting twists and suspense till the end.” “All the aspects of a brilliant fantasy novel that adolescents will love.”

Boo-yah! 🙂

For those of you who don’t know, SIGNAL is the journal of the International Reading Association’s Special Interest Group Network on Adolescent Literature. I remember it from my days shelf reading in BYU’s periodicals department, and I know one of my professors has written for the journal in the past. Any time you get an actual print review of your book? A good time.

So there’s my super news for the day. Glad to be home and getting back into the swing of things. How is your Wednesday going?

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