Apple Watchilicious

I’ve been considering it for quite some time. Circling the waters and playing with the idea in my mind. And with the latest hardware upgrade, I finally decided to go ahead and get an Apple Watch. (It’s my birthday present. Yessss… My precioussss… We wants it. Give it to us!) I preordered it, but I waited for my birthday to actually open it up and put it to use.

For those of you wondering, I bought the Series 1 version, not the Series 2. Why? Because it’s significantly cheaper and I don’t really need the GPS functionality or the water proofing. (If I ever do run, I can just bring my phone. And me? Swimming laps? Not unless I hit my head really hard in the next while.) The Series 1 is *not* the original Apple Watch. It’s been upgraded with the latest components. It’s just lacking those two add ons.

For the size, I went with 42mm, and I’m glad I did. It’s not like it looks that big, and the extra screen real estate is always a plus.

Why did I buy an Apple Watch?

  • My Pebble was getting tired. I’ve had it for a year and a half now, and the screen kept getting all sorts of lines across it whenever I’d get an update. It’s out of warranty, so I’ve got no luck there on getting it replaced.
  • Having used a Pebble now for a year and a half, I know for a fact that I like smartwatches. I like being able to keep track of my fitness using them, and getting updates on them is another big plus. Having a watch that’s designed specifically for my phone makes a whole lot of sense, and should only improve on what I found good about the Pebble.
  • It’s just cool. I’ll admit it. I’m a tech addict, and having something as shiny as the Apple Watch makes me happy. So sue me.

I’ve been using it for the past few days, and I really love it so far. (Who wouldn’t after such a short time?) The activity tracker is nice, and being able to see it so easily and steadily does help me keep it in my mind. (It also taps my wrist when I’ve been sitting too long without standing. Judging by how often my wrist gets tapped . . . I sit an awful lot.)

It blows the old Pebble out of the water in all areas but battery life, but that’s okay too. I’m already used to charging my phone every night and checking the battery levels on my iPad. What’s another device, more or less?

Is an Apple Watch for you? It might not be. If you don’t like watches or don’t see the need for one, it’s not like it adds a ton of abilities to your iPhone that you wouldn’t have otherwise. If you don’t care about keeping track of steps or activity levels, then that’s another big strike against it.

But it’s still awfully shiny . . .

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