Back to School!

No pics on this post, since I’m just going to do what the rest of the civilized world does these days and post them directly to Facebook. But I’m here to say that today, Tomas (he’s old enough now for me to have him go by his real name on the blog, methinks) and DC headed off to school. Seventh grade and third grade, even though it feels to me like Tomas is the one who ought to just be barely old enough to be going to third grade.

MC is really excited to be going to preschool, but she won’t be doing that until October, I think. (That doesn’t stop her from talking about it all the time, of course. “I’m going to preschool when there are pumpkins!” she tells people. “Mom’s going to be so sad,” she almost always adds. She’s very fond of the idea that her absence makes people sad. Go figure.)

It should be an exciting year for all of them. Tomas is in honors 8th grade algebra, one of only two or three seventh graders in his school to do that. The more math, the merrier, I say. DC is going to start violin lessons.

And thus we officially conclude the summer of 2016. It was a fun one. Two trips to the beach, a trip down to Pennsylvania, tennis lessons, swimming lessons, cousins visiting us in Maine, a trip up to Presque Isle, the Olympics, zip lining at Sunday River, plenty of ice cream and goodies, and more. I think we crammed in enough fun.

My personal favorite part of the kids going back to school? I no longer feel like such a poor thing for having to go to work every day. How am I celebrating? By going to Salt Lake Comic Con, instead. I’m heading out today, so stay tuned for what exciting travel disasters might befall me.

I live to entertain.

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