Be a Post-Apocalyptic Mad Max-esque Character in My Book

Psst. Hey you. Yeah! You! You’ve always wanted a post-apocalyptic version of you to exist, right? Something that could be immortalized in literature? Well do I have good news for you . . .

It’s March Madness time again, and that means I’m running my yearly blog bracket challenge. The rules are easy. You create a bracket (one per person, please, though there’s no age limit or restrictions other than that), and the winner of the whole shebang gets the prize. Last year, it was the chance to be violently killed in MAGIC AT 30,000 FEET, a feat that went to James Jackson Sanborn, one of my coworkers. The year before that, it was the chance to name the parents in THE MEMORY THIEF. (A book which, by the way, is coming out this fall, with the named characters totally in place.)

The project I’m working on at the moment is codenamed UTOPIA. I haven’t spoken too much about it on my blog, but I can tell you enough details to make it interesting. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic society with a Mad Max feel. Crazy people, quite violent, lots of body modifications.

And now you can be part of it.

Win the contest, and you can create a character of your choice. I can’t promise a huge role, but I guarantee the character to have a (mutually agreeable) appearance that you determine, the name you want, and at least a few lines of dialogue.


Then head over to to enter the bracket today! Entries are due before the tournament starts on Thursday at noon EDT. Don’t miss out like some people did last year and procrastinate away your chance at immortality!

Here’s the link and all the details on how to join:

Group: Bryce’s Ramblings
Password: vodnik

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