Because the World is Depressing, I’m Playing Pokemon Go

When you wake up to reports of snipers killing police officers in Dallas (as what? A retaliation for actions in Louisiana and Minnesota? How in the world does that even make sense?), it’s enough to ruin your Friday. And it’s really upsetting.

So I’ve been playing Pokemon Go instead of dealing with it. While I’m running around catching virtual critters and challenging people to virtual fights, other people are going through terrible times. Horrific experiences.

Sorry. I don’t have anything more in me to write today. I like the game? But in light of everything else that’s going on . . . I’m out of words. I feel guilty that I can be sitting here enjoying work and a silly internet game during my lunch break while elsewhere people have to go through such awful things. I know in theory that there are awful things happening at every minute of every day, and so I shouldn’t feel particularly guilty now as opposed to a different time.

But I do anyway.

Maybe I should just be grateful that today, awful things aren’t happening to me? That the sort of awful things happening to others will never happen to me or my family, because I happened to be born with the right color of skin and in the right socio-economic class and the right part of the country?

I can’t muster that feeling. I just feel sad.

Hoping things look brighter after the weekend.

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