Book Review: Lockwood & Company Series

The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co., #1)The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud

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I just finished the third book of this series last night, and I realized that I hadn’t ever gotten around to writing a review of any of them. Which is a shame, because I’ve really enjoyed them all. I’m short on time today, so this will be briefer than the books deserve, but if you’re looking for a creepy story that will keep you turning the pages, with a great protagonist and fascinating world building, then you’ve come to the right place.

The set up is pretty straightforward: some years ago, ghosts began appearing in London. Mean ghosts. Ghosts that can kill with a touch. But instead of the adults of the world stepping in and solving the problem, a huge monkey wrench was thrown into the mix: the only people who can see and deal with these ghosts are children, Once people reach a certain age, they stop being able to see the things. (They can still be killed by them, of course . . .)

So the world turns to Tweens for help.

The series focuses on one of the lesser known, up and coming ghost agencies. They’re smaller than most, and it’s hard for them to get ahead, but they’re doing their best to keep up with the big agencies. Stroud’s writing worked so well for me in this series, in a way that never quite clicked for me in the Bartimaeus books. It might be a personal preference, and I’m not sure what the difference was, but I just . . . *like* these books more. They’re quick paced, funny, and entertaining.

If you haven’t already heard of them, I encourage you to check them out. Well worth your time!

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