Book Signing in Augusta


One of the things I’ve loved so far about having THE MEMORY THIEF get published has been how many friends have sent me pictures of the book in stores. They’ve come in from Maine to Pennsylvania to Arizona to Utah and more, and it’s been great. VODNIK never hit Barnes & Noble, and better yet, with MEMORY THIEF, all the copies have been prominently placed and easy to find.

Some of you have been asking how sales are going, and I have a simple answer for that: I have absolutely no idea. Well, that’s not entirely true. I suppose I could be tallying each copy that a friend has bought as they’ve told me they bought it, but that isn’t exactly going to give me a complete picture. With VODNIK, I had access to Amazon’s version of Nielsen’s BookScan numbers that would keep me updated week by week.

I had assumed I’d have the same thing this time around, but it proved to be a bit more complicated. Barnes & Noble’s edition is exclusive to them, and it appears that’s an entirely separate edition: it even has its own ISBN number. Amazon only lets authors see BookScan numbers of books that are available on Amazon, and since this particular edition isn’t available . . . I’ve got nothing. (Though it does look like some of you have been picking up copies of VODNIK, which is lovely too.)

Others have asked if I’d be doing a big signing or celebration or anything local, and I want to. But there’s only the one Barnes & Noble in the state, see. And I didn’t want to bring B&N to my town when there’s a lovely independent bookstore right here that I try to support. (You’re awesome, Devaney Doak & Garrett!) So I think we’ll wait until March to do a real signing in my hometown.


That doesn’t mean I’m not doing a signing in Augusta at the Barnes & Noble! There was a bit of uncertainty for a bit over the exact date, but that’s all ironed out now (it was on my end, not theirs), and I’m very happy to let you know I’ll be there THIS SATURDAY at 11am to sign copies of THE MEMORY THIEF.

Now, a disclaimer. It’s for an “Educators Reception,” so I don’t know 100% what that means. Does it mean only educators get to come? I have no idea. So if you live a ways away, you might want to call the store first and check to be sure. If it does end up being just for educators, I’ll be talking to the folks there while I’m there to see if I can’t set something else up. And it’s not like I can’t sign books in the parking lot or something after the events over. I’ve got my own pen!

Anyway. If you can come out, it would be lovely to see you. And a mega thank you again to everyone who’s been so supportive. Don’t forget how awesome you all are!

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