Campbell Hero Outline

Over at, I just posted one of my secret weapons that got me through my undergraduate years at BYU in the English program. It’s a little thing I call the Campbell Hero Outline. If you need to write a paper fast, and you’ve been reading practically any books in that class, then you can use this to help you get done quickly. Just analyze the book according to this structuralist theory (quote, citations and reference are provided by the outline, all in MLA format for your typing pleasure). Better yet, you’ll be writing your own unique paper with your own unique thoughts. No plagiarism involved. All I’ve done is made a popular theory easy to access for the purpose of paper writing. Next week, I’ll post one of the papers I wrote with this outline, just to show you what it’s capable of. If you need any advice or tips, feel free to email me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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  1. (I mean that sarcastically, in case you didn’t notice. I actually think that’s kind of a cool idea for breezing through classes. The hero quest fits into just about everything.

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