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Seriously. I might have to start reconsidering my post-free-weekend policy, because I just keep coming up with things that I want to post about. So let’s get straight to business. First of all, writing update: meh. This book isn’t working “as is,” and I need to come up with some ways to make it work. […]

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Yesterday for her birthday, my wife requested a movie: Enchanted. She’d heard good things about it, I’d heard good things about it, so I went and did something I rarely do: bought the DVD the day it was released. We watched it last night, and we really enjoyed it. It was too intense for our

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The Shop around the Corner

Update-wise, I have little to inform you. It’s actually almost 40 degrees outside, which is nice, and the snow is slowly, slowly melting. Writing is picking up again–finally getting the hang of it once more. The main problem I was having was the opening scene for one of the viewpoint characters was proving troublesome. I’ve

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Oh–but I did want to say that I saw Stardust on Friday, opening night. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really ought to. Fantastic movie that deserves your support. Think “Princess Bride,” but for a slightly older audience. Super!

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