All Hail Daniela, the Victorious

I’ve been running March Madness tournaments for a good long while. I usually keep three going: one for my blog, one for my extended family, and one for my church group. There’s some overlap between those different groups, as family and church friends participate on the blog bracket, and Denisa and the kids usually participate

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March Madness 2022 Edition!

How could I stay away during March Madness? Actually, I’m hoping I’ll be able to post more regularly for the next while, as I’m through many of the time intensive things that were filling up my plate. But for today, I’m just going to ease into it with a simple invitation to come join my

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A Superb Super Bowl

I realize the Super Bowl isn’t for everyone. And honestly, I am far from a raging NFL fan. Often, the Super Bowl is the only game I watch each year. (I’m a much bigger college football fan, although even then, I typically just watch BYU games and leave the rest alone–even the national championship and

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Olympics: Yay or Neigh?

The Olympics are back. Again. It feels like we just had them, because we pretty much did. (Hard to believe this used to be the norm: having the summer and winter Olympics back to back. The new way is much better.) My family and I are watching them quite a bit, but I’ve seen just

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