Chinese MEMORY THIEF is Here! Let’s Test It with Google Translate

You might have seen yesterday that my author copies of THE MEMORY THIEF in Chinese arrived in the mail. This is beyond exciting, especially since the books themselves look gorgeous. They have embossed covers with a beautiful illustration, and there’s a series of full color illustrations right at the beginning that match the cover’s style.

Many of you have asked to see more of the book, so I thought I’d post a video here of what it looks like in person. Better than just trying to slap a series of pictures up, right?

Forgive the soft audio. I was filming in my office, so I was using my library voice. 🙂

But here’s the thing. I have actually no idea what the book says. I mean, it could be a transcript of the entire Teletubbies series, and I wouldn’t have a way of knowing. Except Google has this handy dandy new feature on their smart phone app. You point your camera at text in the real world, and it translates it in real time. My brother in law was using it all the time in Europe.

How well does it work in Chinese?

Well, here’s the description from the back cover:

The 12-year-old boy had recently felt terrible. His parents often quarreled and turned a blind eye to him, and he even mentioned the word “divorce” in front of him! This sadness, he wants to turn back the time back to the moment when the family was happy and happy… By chance, this strangely old man from the town accidentally got the magical skills of stealing memories. With this skill, you only need to gaze at the eyes of others for a few seconds, you can enter the memory of the other person at any time, extract, transform, give and display the memory that he wants to modify, and get the secret of memory. I want to save myself. Broken home, but I don’t know the book of Cox’s book behind this adventure

And if that doesn’t make you want to run out and buy the book this second, I don’t know what will. Except, perhaps, this blurb by Dan Wells:

This is the best middle school reading I have ever read for all parents and children.

Thanks, Dan. 🙂

So clearly you might not want to read my entire book this way, but I’m guessing it works much better in its native language.


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