Computer Building

The actual build was much easier than I thought it would be. It was the installation of software that has proven troublesome. I decided to go with Vista–for a variety of reasons. Yes, I’ve heard the arguments before, and no, I don’t really want to hear them again. Anyway, it just hasn’t worked on my machine at all. There’s a conflict between the SATA hard drive and the motherboard and Vista. And before you point the finger at Vista, the same problem happened when I tried XP. Then again, I managed to fix the problem in XP–still working on the Vista fix. It’s taken me about 15 hours so far, but the actual build was over in 5 or so. Not bad for a first timer, and I continue to be learning things about the process. Overall, I’m very glad that I chose to build instead of buy pre-assembled. I’m supposed to be a Techie–this is a rite of passage.

And when I’m done with it, I can write again. Sigh.

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