Denist Success

It looks like all is well in the land of dentistville. DKC went today and got a root canal and filling, and that should finish her off. She’s supposed to check in next week one last time, just to make sure everything is in order, but it looks good. (Knock on wood) So with this third tooth finished, it ended up costing $500 vs $4500. Because I know you all care about my budget. The total price of this trip, including Dublin and the dentist and passports and all that other fun stuff, should be around $4500. Maybe a tad less. (Would’ve been better if the dollar wasn’t so lousy.) So now I feel quite a bit better about the expense. We saved money, no doubt about it.

What did I do over the weekend? Went to a show at the castle on Saturday night, went to church here yesterday and took it easy today. Church in Slovakia is quite different, I must say. There are about ten people who attend each week, and that’s including the three missionaries. Compare that to about 150 to 180 at home. Very different.

Watched Gettysburg today. All four hours of it. That’s one way to make the time go by. I actually really enjoyed it. I had no idea that such an important role in the battle was played by Maine soldiers. Not that I’m related to them or anything, but I still felt a sort of kinship there. A strong three and a half stars–overacted in parts and too long, but worth the watch overall, if for nothing more than to get a good idea of what Gettysburg was like.

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  1. Gettysburg
    Bryce – It’s me, Frank. My family went to Gettysburg a few years ago around the first part of July, about the time of year of the actual battle. It was 100 degrees, and humid – again, much like the battle. I am a former Marine, and understand something of the hardship those folks went through, and being on the battleground in that heat was truly awe-inspiring for me. I felt a kinship in their misery. It must have been a truly awful experience. fdr

  2. Re: Gettysburg
    I’ve been to Gettysburg, too. In fact, it’s where I bought this copy of the movie. The place seemed to have an aura about it . . . I’ve never been in battle–hope never to be, either. But watching that movie and thinking about what they all went through . . . unimaginable.

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