Downton Abbey 6:7 Review

Come on, Downton. A car racing episode? How in the world could these people not realize that bringing Lady Mary to a car race was going to make someone die a violent death? It’s one of those incontrovertible laws. Like what happens when scientists monkey around with dinosaur genetics, or going into a dark room alone by yourself in a horror movie.

Some things just must not be done.

So while I wasn’t really surprised that Charley died, I was disappointed that it wasn’t Car Boy instead. I really don’t care for him, and I don’t know why Mary does. I was ecstatic when she dumped him on the phone (too soon for dump-etiquette to be a thing, I guess), and quite sad when I saw in the previews that he shows up again next week. (I’m afraid that just about seals their fate.) Whatever happened to the guy with the pigs? He was a nice guy. Why couldn’t she end up with that guy?


Other comments on the episode:

  • It’s high time we had Mrs. Hughes give Carson a taste of his own cooking. And while it was thoroughly enjoyable watching him fumble his way through the meal, I still feel like that was a plot line that went on for one too many episodes. But hey–he got his just desserts in the end. (Apple crumble, in case you were wondering.)
  • Thomas, how you have fallen. You’ve gone from a fearsome pit bull into this tiny little schnauzer who keeps getting kicked by anyone who passes by. And while a few seasons ago, I might have thought an entire episode of nothing more than a game of Thomas-pinata would have been great fun, I’ve discovered it gets quite old after a while. However, maybe he’ll be able to take over once Molesley leaves?
  • Speaking of Molesley, that was a very nice moment for the man. I enjoyed seeing him have a bit of success and getting such a nice celebration. He hasn’t been my favorite character, but he’s come a long way.
  • Edith is kind of engaged. Good on her. Now to see if the writers can let her be happy, or if her Marigold surprise will end up being too scandalous for Property Man.
  • Daisy managed to get through an entire episode without being an idiot. She should be congratulated. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.
  • Violet was absolutely awesome in this episode, making me remember how great she can be when she isn’t being forced by the writers to debate hospitals. That fact finding expedition to the gold-digger? Fantastic stuff. Zingers left and right. Loved it. And who can make a better guilt-trip-ridden exit than Violet? “I’m going to Paris because you all scorned me. Have a puppy as a remind of just how awesome I am.” Zing!
  • Carson and Mrs. Hughes on the couch. Hot times at Downton, indeed!

It was a fun episode, over all. Not perfect, but very enjoyable. If only Car Boy would drive off for good, but I have a sinking feeling that’s one wish of mine that won’t be granted . . . 4/5 for me on this one.

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