Yesterday for her birthday, my wife requested a movie: Enchanted. She’d heard good things about it, I’d heard good things about it, so I went and did something I rarely do: bought the DVD the day it was released. We watched it last night, and we really enjoyed it. It was too intense for our son, who decided to stop watching 2/3 of the way through, but I thought it was very well executed and a lot of fun. The ending bogged down too much in contrived plot advancement that strayed a bit too far from the Disney-spoof it was trying to be (and seemed like more of an excuse to have CGI effects), but I’m willing to overlook that. Of course, you must remember that in high school, I was a huge Disney fan. I wore an Eeyore baseball hat every day for so long that the thing probably could have walked away on its own, it was so dirty. So this movie was right up my alley. I wish I could have watched the Blu-Ray version, which has the added bonus of letting you see all the Disney references throughout the film. They pop up on screen when they happen, and there’s supposed to be a slew of them. This makes the movie even cooler in my opinion, since I love self-referential stuff. In any case, three stars out of four.

Better yet, I even got my writing done. I’m back to doing 500 words a day consistently. If I can keep this up for a while, I’m hopeful to be able to get back to 1,000 words in the not too distant future. Back in Utah, I had my life pretty well figured out, and it was much easier to find time in my schedule to write. Now that everything’s changed, it’s been a process of finding the balance again. The fact that I’m at the 500 word mark again is a very good sign.

And finally, it’s snowing outside again today. Plus some freezing rain on the side. I got out of the car this morning and promptly slipped in the middle of the road, landing flat on my back. Ouch. Thankfully nothing’s broken, and it was between classes, so I didn’t do it for a large audience. But my jeans are wet, and sitting in wet jeans makes me less than happy.

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