So it’s official. Ichabod is now on his merry way to New York, where he will bravely face the pen of an agent. I don’t know who will be victorious. This now makes the fifth “complete” book I’ve done, and in honor of the occasion, I thought I’d write a post about the books I’ve written to date. Because you all care so much. The ones in bold are the ones I consider “done.” Meaning, they’re published or I’ve submitted them to agents/editors.

1. Into the Elevator/Princess Susie–The first book I ever wrote. It suffers first and foremost from Crappy Name Syndrome, and then secondly from Plot All Over the Place-itis. Poor thing. However, it has some characters and world building that I still really like, and I fully intend to revisit it someday.

2. Bathory–A book set in historic Slovakia, based on the true story of a truly awful woman who killed hundreds of girls and bathed in their blood. Not exactly a plucky book. Actually, this was planned to be cowritten with a friend of mine (the creator/director of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake, Eric Nelson). Unfortunately, the collaboration fell on hard times. We’re still friends, but Eric’s side never got written. Mine did, though. And it includes elements I used in a later book, and the villain in this book could well appear in a sequel of another book I wrote (Vodnik), should that book ever get a sequel.

3. Weaver of Dreams–Ah, Parker. This is the first book I ever submitted. It’s a dual POV world switching novel that has to do with dreams. As you can tell by the title. I love this book. It’s currently on the desk of an editor, where it has resided for (let me count) 21 months. I know the editor intends to get around to reading it one of these days, and she’s very graciously given me permission to send it elsewhere while I wait. Elsewhere continues to be explored.

4. Cavern of Babel–The infamous Alpaca Fantasy. A book in a genre all its own. This also has the distinction of being the only book of mine published to date. If you want to buy a copy, tell me in person or go here. A fun book for kids of all ages. It asks the question: what would it be like if alpacas believed the Bible? Or something like that. Illustrated by Shawn Boyles, designed by Isaac Stewart. Good times. Rumor has it there may even be a sequel someday. City of the Lost Alpacas.

5 & 6. Buttersby Sequels–Well actually, there already is a sequel to Cavern of Babel. Two, in fact. I originally planned to write only one long book, but then I decided to cut it into thirds. So the first draft of the other two is done, but nowhere near ready for publication. Especially since the later drafts of book one changed a lot. These two books have fun characters, though, from Crabcakes the seagull to Santo the rat.

7. The Adventures of Barboy–What would happen if the hero of legend turned out not to be an innocent farm boy, but rather a snarky kid who works in a tavern? This YA novel answers that question. I had a blast writing this book, and it only took me a few months. It’s been submitted, but currently needs to be sent out again. I should get around to that.

8. Vodnik–A young man goes to Slovakia, only to discover mysteries from his past connect him to creatures of Slovak legend. Probably about as autobiographical as I ever plan to be. This one was a pain to polish, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Not to mention I got to write Woody Allen in as the villain. You have to read it to understand. Currently on the desk of an editor, where it has resided for the past (let me count) 6 and a half months.

9. Ichabod–Part Ten Little Indians, part Legend of Sleepy Hollow, part Purple Rose of Cairo. A postmodern adaptation of the Headless Horseman legend. I think this puppy’s the best thing I’ve written. It’s also the only book I’ve written not aimed specifically at a YA audience.  It’s currently in the mail to an agent.

And there you have it. By my estimate, that’s a bit over 500,000 words I’ve written. Phew! Now I’m working on #10. Another non-YA book. It’ll be good. But I’m not sure how long it’ll take me. In any case, that’s all the time I have to write for now. When I get home tonight, my snowblower should be there! Take THAT, winter!

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    A snowblower, appreciative oohs and aahs. Never again to shovel like a mere mortal, muhahahaha! Just remember those shoveling days, because every now and then there comes occasion to curse the snowblower, but that’s forbidden!

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