Good or Bad?

So, wife just went to the dentist again. Two teeth fixed, two crowns replaced. $300. Fine. The dentist thought everything was finished, but she asked him to look at one other tooth that had been bothering her. (Yeah–she’s got a lot of teeth, and most of them are apparently on rather poor terms with her). The dentist reluctantly agreed, and discovered the tooth was bad. Quite bad. Bad enough that he couldn’t fix it all right then–and he might not be able to fix it all in the time we have left. It depends on what happens when she goes back Monday. We’re hoping she can just get a root canal and a filling to fix it . . . but it might need something more, which will have to be done in America.

Which will no doubt be rather expensive.

So the good news is that this is a problem she would have had sooner or later no matter what. Better we find out now than later, right? And any which way you slice it, we’ve saved about two grand so far on dental work, which significantly offsets the cost of this trip. So why is it that I’m only seeing dollar signs right now?

Best case scenario is she goes Monday, he finishes the root canal and fills it in, and it only costs $200–which would mean we got about $3500 worth of dental work for about $500. That’s the hope.

Any and all prayers are greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Good or Bad?”

  1. Just wondering if $500.00 Slovakian dental work is same quality as $3500 back home. Does the guy really seem to know what he’s doing? Just had to play a little devil’s advocate here ;>)

  2. Yeah–it makes you wonder at first, doesn’t it? Really, so far this dentist seems to be completely reliable. In fact, a lot of the American dentists who have looked at Denisa’s mouth have been impressed with the dental work done over here. Apparently she’s got a bridge that leaves most dentists speachless. 🙂 Actually, we discovered she had a bad crown done in America–and that’s what was causing problems on one of her teeth. It wasn’t matched up correctly with the rest of her mouth, and wasn’t sized right, either. I think that was done by a dentist in Provo for something around $400 or $500. Go figure. So we’re not really worried about the quality. When you get right down to it, how much does it really cost to make a crown? And fillings take all of a half hour to do. When we told the dentist here how much crowns cost in America, he couldn’t believe it.

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