Great News

Today was the day of great news.  In the order of things as I found them out:

  • I had my meeting with the HarperCollins editor, and she really enjoyed my first chapter.  She wants to see the entire manuscript, and she was very positive about my other story ideas, too.  A hearty thank you to all you readers out there who helped evaluate my chapter–it was well worth it.  So now I just need to finish the rewrites and drafts and send it to her.  I told her it would probably take about a month.  She said that was fine.  I left the meeting feeling like things couldn’t get better.  They did.
  • I received a phone call from one of the places I’ve interviewed, and they want to fly me out for more interviews.  More fantastic news.  I’ll be going for three days to the East Coast, lengthening my ALA stay by that many days.  They’re only having three people make campus visits, and they must like me quite a bit if they’re willing to shell out the money for the flights and lodging and all.
  • My wife’s thesis study results came back, and it worked.  It actually showed what she hoped it would, so now all she has to do is write the darn thing.

So there you have it.  All in all, days don’t get much better than this.  And you know what?  Even if I don’t get the job, or the book deal, it doesn’t change the fact that I’m getting close to the job or the book deal.  Very positive.  I’d celebrate–but I have too much writing and reading to do.  I have another interview (with a different place) tomorrow, and the writing conference is still going all day, plus I have to make an appearance at work tomorrow, too.  It’s going to be busy.  And then I’m going camping this weekend.  Quite hectic, but at least I’m chipper.  Toodles.

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