Happy Birthday, Daniela!

Believe it or not, but DC is officially 12 years old, which means I think it’s about time I start referring to her on the blog by her actual name, and not just initials. Of course, with Daniela, people have been thinking she’s way older than 12 for quite some time, so it’s about time her age is catching up with her.

These days, Daniela’s focused on a few main activities. She’s a big fan of Nordic skiing, practicing with her team every day after school and going to different races during the week and on the weekend. When she’s not doing that, she loves practicing her cello, and has been known to practice it for over an hour at a stretch without even needing to be asked to start in the first place.

She’s a fairly competitive person, and she loves playing games of pretty much any flavor. One of the things that impresses me most about her, however, is how she’s able to have fun whether she’s winning or losing, and how her desire to win doesn’t make her enjoy things any less when she loses. I don’t know where she inherited that trait, but it definitely wasn’t from me.

She’s not as huge of a Lord of the Rings fan as she was last year, but she still loves watching movies and reading books. No one series stands out more than any other right now, though she still dreams of making it to New Zealand one day.

When she’s not doing cross country skiing, she’s a fan of downhill as well. I was impressed when we were skiing in Utah how game she was to go around with Tomas wherever he was heading. Of course, he’d ski straight down the steepest parts he could find, and Daniela would pause at the top, analyze the hill, and then take the reasonable way down.

She’s also a huge self starter (within reason, for a twelve year old). She’s inherited a big chunk of the goal-focused mindset, and when she has a plan in front of her, she’s great at churning through the different steps and following it through to the end. But she’s also able to do it having fun. I remember on our plane home from Utah this past January, she was able to sit there listening to music and dancing in her seat for hours on end.

On the docket today? She’s going skiing after school, and then we’ll have a family party in the evening. She requested spring rolls and chocolate cake for dessert.

Anyway–if you see her today, wish her a very happy birthday.


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