If I Had a Time Machine

Forget killing Hitler. That seems rather ambitious, and there are all those paradoxes to work out. No, if I had a time machine, I think I’d do something a bit smaller. Simpler.

I was reading through old blog posts yesterday as I was writing up my article on using lists to deal with stress (checking to see if I’d blogged about it before). And what did I find? This post about how great it was to let professionals handle home renovation. I wrote about how wonderful it was to listen to them work away up there, doing a job far better than I could do it.

The same “professionals” who put in the insulation I was cursing as I tore it out last night with the fam, in preparation for spray foam to be put in on Saturday morning at 7am. (Because sleeping in is for the weak, I guess.)

If I had a time machine, friends, I’d head back and fire that louse before I gave him another penny. As I read that blog post, I just wanted to reach through the screen and slap myself in the face. Tell myself to go boot them out of the house and save myself a whole ton of money and headache.

But I don’t have a time machine, so I didn’t do that.

Not that I don’t still believe in letting professionals do their job, but I certainly have learned the lesson of not believing a professional is what he says he is. Trust, but verify.

What small but large mistake would you fix in your past? Nothing that would shatter the space-time continuum. Just a simple tweak that would save you a bunch of trouble?

Please share, and have a wonderful Thursday.

2 thoughts on “If I Had a Time Machine”

  1. I wish I had watched better when the lighting was put in our family room. I said what I wanted and trusted. Wrong! They installed what they thought would be better. Now we have lights that reflect off the wall mount tv making viewing hard.

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