In Search of a Good Used Violin

Thought I’d throw this out there to the interwebs. TRC is loving violin and still really into it, but the kid just keeps on growing. So we need to buy him a full-sized violin at last. There are some places I’ve gone to online to get one in the past (Shar Music is one), and that’s worked fine, but I thought one of you lovely people out there might have a full size kicking around that you aren’t using anymore. Or perhaps you know of someone who’s in that situation.

I’m not looking for a handout. Happy to pay for it. I just thought that it would make more sense to buy a used one than a new one. That said, we’d need a case for it as well. (Though do any instruments come without a case? How would you store the thing without one?)

I’ve blogged before about never really imagining being the father of a string musician. Woodwinds all the way, baby! But in the end, I’m just really happy TRC has so much fun playing the violin. It doesn’t take too much arm twisting to get him to practice some every day, and he’s to the point where he likes listening to violin music, and can appreciate the hard work and effort it took for those musicians to get where they are.

Anyway. I’m not on the hunt for anything too extravagant. If he ends up sticking with violin for life, he can buy that Stradivarius on his own dime. Just a solid workhorse instrument that he’ll be able to use and depend on for years to come. If any of you have a violin or know of someone who does, or know of a good place to buy a decent used one, pipe up!

Thanks in advance.

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