In Which the Entire Family Gets Sick (except, for once, me)

House, M.D.: Season SixSo as I type this, Denisa is sleeping off a sore throat, TRC is coughing up a storm with a cough that’s been hanging around for weeks, and DC has the Pink Eye That Wouldn’t Go Away. She’s been getting up multiple times a night, which in turn gets other people up, which in turn aggravates other illnesses . . .

Not a whole lotta fun right now, folks.

However, on the good news front, I’m more or less healthy. Which means I was really lucky this time (possible), my immune system has been using all the sickness to beef itself up (doubtful), or I’ll get mine later (likely). In the meantime, I have the day off, and so I’ll be tending to everybody. Also on the agenda? Breaking down all the boxes from Christmas and taking them to the dump. I live a glamorous life, folks. Let’s just hope the paparazzi don’t hound me too much on the way to the dump. I’d hate for my adoring public to see me doing such menial tasks, as opposed to my normal life of crawling under desks to fix computers and then sitting in front of a computer screen typing for hours a day.

Try not to be too jealous. 🙂

Because I care about you, here’s a bit of movie illness goodness for you. Remember: never eat the fish.

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