Mad as a March Hare

The brackets are set. The madness is ready to begin. And that means it’s time for another Tournament Challenge! As always, I’m setting the blog challenge up through ESPN’s site. You go, you make your picks, and then you sit back to see who ends up winning. You’d like to think it takes skill and basketball smarts to win. You’d be mostly wrong.

It’s really mainly for fun.

To enter, click this link and use the password vodnik. (Or just go straight to ESPN and search for the group. It’s called Bryce’s Ramblings.)

This year’s winner will join last year’s runner-up Scooter123000 in the acknowledgements page of MEMORY THIEF 2 (which has a title, but I am not yet allowed to share it.) Your name in print, guaranteed. That’s a pretty good offer, right? Not to mention I’ll note how you are a better person at picking brackets than I am.

You need to enter before Thursday at noon, as I recall. But better to be safe and do it by tomorrow at midnight. I have no control over when they close the entries. He who snoozeth, loozeth. One entry per person, but individuals can enter on behalf of others. Any and all are welcome to play.

Good luck!


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