Movie Review: The Adventures of Tin Tin

Right before Christmas, I took TRC to the movies to see Tin Tin. Sorry this review is coming so late, but hey–that’s what you get when you’ve got me on a holiday.

I’ve read some reviews of Tin Tin where people were disappointed in the film, and part of me can see why they would be. You’ve got the ingredients for a perfect storm. If this were a weather system, you’d have forecasters calling for feet upon feet of snow. Spielberg and Jackson? Tin Tin? John Williams? And when the storm arrived and you only got a foot of snow, you might be let down some.

But a foot of snow is still a lot of snow, people.

Again, it was also hurt by a bit of the way it was marketed. People were saying “It’s going to be like Indiana Jones, but digital!” When you start throwing comparisons like that around, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. You can’t compete against a classic like that. Too much baggage and memory in people’s lives.

I really enjoyed Tin Tin. The plot was exciting. The action scenes were thrilling. (My favorite had to be the one where essentially two pirate ships are dueling–it’ll make sense once you see it.) The score added to the whole mood. The 3D was fun and added to the experience. The digital motion capture wasn’t distracting for me, either. I liked that it wasn’t trying to be photorealistic. It seemed real, but not real–if that makes sense.

This is a movie I’d like to see more like. I’d love for Peter Jackson to be able to direct his version now. This wasn’t a perfect  movie, and it wasn’t Spielberg’s best, but that’s a really hard measuring stick to use to evaluate a movie like this. He was aiming for a fun thrill ride, and I think he succeeded. Unfortunately, the film isn’t performing as well as it ought to, and that might make the sequel doubtful at best. Then again, if Peter Jackson wants to do it, I think the man can do just about anything he feels like.

Three stars for me on this one. Recommended for a fun time. Any of you already seen it? Thoughts?

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