Newsletter Hiatus

Every year since we moved to Maine, I’ve made an annual family newsletter filled with joke articles about what we’ve been up to for the past year. I also throw in a short Christmas story for good measure.

This year I just don’t have it in me to take a reflective look back at 2020. Some of that is that I just don’t have the energy to put the project together. Some of it is that I have no real desire to reflect back on the year. Some of it is that when I started the tradition, I had a whole lot more time available to me.

So this year I’m just acknowledging that my life circumstances have changed, and it is what it is. It’s not easy for me to stop doing things once there’s a tradition behind it. I’m a completionist at heart, and giving up on something feels . . . wrong to me.

But I also have to acknowledge that forcing myself to go through with it anyway would likely be worse for my mental health this time around. Maybe next year will feel better, or maybe I’ll be going on a prolonged hiatus. Who knows.

I am still working on a short story this year, and since I won’t have a newsletter to send it out in, I’ll post it as a blog entry as a gift to all of you. Not sure how it’ll turn out just yet. I’m about three thousand words in. It’s funny in parts and upsetting in others.

Maybe too close to home for 2020 . . .

Anyway. In case you, too, need permission to not do some tradition this year, know that you’re in good company if you feel the need to step aside. And to those of you who are used to getting my newsletter, sorry. Maybe next year . . .


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1 thought on “Newsletter Hiatus”

  1. We’re not doing our annual Christmas party this year, a tradition of at least 40 years. I’ll miss it, but it was always a lot of work and stressful to get things all organized for it. I think I’ll just consider it “giving myself a break.”

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