Not Today

I’m operating on five hours of sleep today, and I’m exhausted. I have many many thoughts careening through my head, but having dealt with Facebook wrangling all night and in every spare moment I’ve had this morning, I have no desire to continue the effort. So you’re all going to have to get by today without my input. Maybe I’ll be up to it later, but right now, if I were to say what I thought, I would end up insulting a good number of well-intentioned but seriously misguided folks, and I don’t want to do that. (Considering how much I can irritate people on a full night’s rest, trying to be tactful right now is very much a bad idea.)

So I’m saying nothing. Instead, you can all have 10 hours of Nyan Cat. You’ll probably be better off. Life would be simpler and happier if we could all be smiling, rainbow pooping cats that fly around in a giant pop tart. Right?

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