Off to See the Bread Wizard

For the first time in I don’t know how long, Denisa’s headed off to a conference all on her lonesome. It’s over in Skowhegan, and is quite well known among the bread people out there (or so I’m told). A conference that draws people from across the country, all about bread baking, and it’s only 40 minutes away from our house?

How could she not go, really?

So if any of you know anyone at the 2015 Kneading Conference, tell them to keep an eye out for Denisa today and tomorrow. She went once before and loved the experience, and I think she’ll have a blast this time as well. I’m used to going to writing conferences, and at this point many/most of those are old hat, but looking over the offerings at this one makes it look like it would be fun even for a non-baker.

Plus, did you see how much bread is going to be there to eat? There’s an Artisan Bread Fair in Skowhegan on Saturday. Denisa had wanted to go to the beach. I wonder if we’ll go there instead . . . (Also, while writing this post, I noticed King Arthur Flour does a big conference on baking in September, as well. It’s just over in Vermont. Something tells me Denisa might head over there in a year or two or three.) I’m really happy Denisa has found this, and that it fit into her schedule. I end up whining and complaining about all the plane rides I have to take to get to conferences all over the place, but in the end, I always have a great time at those cons, all while Denisa’s at home holding down the fort. I’m all for her going to as many of these as she wants, and it’s exciting that it (should) get easier for her to go as the kids get older.

In the meantime, the kids are at a friend’s house in the morning, and I’m picking them up in not too long. Together, we’ll celebrate her great baking skills by having a dad-made dinner of the finest spaghetti I can find in the pantry, coupled with a light red sauce (assuming I can find a jar of it in the pantry, as well.) If I’m feeling particularly adventurous, we might finish off the evening festivities with some ice cream or (if there’s none in the freezer) whatever’s left in the candy jar.

And people say I can’t cook! 🙂

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