I’m still sick. It’s now devolved into a hacking cough that makes me sound like I’ve started chain smoking or something. No fun whatsoever, and my energy levels are really low right now. Sad. Thank goodness for all that Olympic goodness on the telly these days. At least if I’m not feeling well, I can watch a bunch of energetic powerhouses do amazing things. It compensates somewhat for the way I feel.

In good news (because that happens as well), my current novel had a breakthrough this morning. I’m finally at the climax, and I kept on having to change things around, because nothing felt “right.” It’s so interesting sometimes–writing can feel kind of like a Rubiks Cube, where you keep adjusting and tinkering and tweaking, but it never works until suddenly it all clicks into place. It feels right. I’d struggled with this on and off since I was sick, and then this morning, just after I’d gotten into my car to drag myself to work, the solution popped into my head. Lovely.

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