Operation: Vienna

Vienna (Eyewitness Travel Guides)Thirty hours from now, I should be landing in Vienna. Between then and now, all I need to do is finish cleaning the house, pack, drive to Portland, take the bus to Boston, fly to Iceland, fly to London, then fly to Vienna. That’s a pretty easy to do list, right? Oh yeah–and be cramped on small airplane seats for who knows how long. I love that part.

Anyway, wish me luck. Many thanks to everyone who’s been so helpful and friendly in my bachelorhood. I’m through moping now. 🙂 Also a special thanks to our house sitters while we’re away. It makes me ever so much more comfortable blogging about being in Europe knowing so many people with guns are watching over our home.

I have no idea what my internet access or free time is going to look like over the next few weeks, so expect to see some posts on here, but those posts will be brief and likely more photo-based than you’re used to seeing from me. In the meantime, I leave you all with this movie preview that captures what I think this trip will be like. Enjoy!

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