Page Proofs are Here!

For some reason, seeing a cover is exciting to me, but a book doesn’t really feel real to me until I see the interior. I guess that’s because I spend a lot of my day every day looking at texts, typically in 12 point font, probably Times New Roman. When I write and deal with drafts (before things head on the road to publication), it’s all just print outs and pages and pages of paper. So seeing things cleaned up and displayed on a page just like a real book?

That’s pretty exciting.

And today, page proofs for THE MEMORY THIEF appeared in my inbox from my editor. There’s not a whole ton for me to do compared to other drafts. Just go through them and answer questions or make tweaks as needed. But it’s a really exciting thing to have the book be so close to publication now.

And if you missed it on Facebook or Twitter, Publisher’s Weekly did a write up of the book as it was presented at Book Expo America. Particularly relevant is this nice summary by my editor:

The Memory Thief explores what happens when memories that are near and dear to you are erased,” Hamessley said. “It explores the power of memory and family, with some magic and adventure thrown in the mix.”

I’ve heard some other news about the book that I can’t share quite yet, but it’s got me excited for the September release. More on that when I can make it public.

For now? I’ve got some page proofs to go through  . . .

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