Victor Comes Up with a Plan

The latest Grumpy Old Vampires has been posted.  In this week’s episode, Victor expounds on the legal system and vampires, and he comes up with a plan to get the money he needs to buy his Rascal.  If you’re looking for something short and diverting to waste about four minutes of your life in an enjoyable fashion, please consider reading it. Can I just say how much Mondays are getting on my nerves?  There’s always just so much to do.  Sigh.  On the plus side, I took a couple of hours this morning to look for more jobs, and I’ve …

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I just realized the link I put up to my personal essay was wrong.  Sorry about the confusion.  You can read the real essay here.


On Tuesday, I mentioned to my writing group that when I was in college my freshman year, I had an interesting way of doing laundry.  I had a clean pile, and a dirty pile.  When the clean pile got too small, I washed the dirty pile and dumped the cleaned clothes back onto the clean pile.  It worked wonders for me.  😉  Anyway–I remembered that I actually wrote a personal essay on the subject, so for catch-all Friday on my website, I decided to post that.  It’s not really a comical piece–more of a thought provoker, I suppose.  It’s called …

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Another Commentary

So, I’m not sure how many people actually read these things, but I enjoy writing them.  It gives me a good opportunity to think about my writing and how I do what I do and why.  I have to say, having an audience–even an imaginary one–helps me enormously.  I enjoy writing my blog posts, and I find that they are much different from my daily journal I keep.  I think it’s just something about knowing someone might read what I’m writing that makes a difference.  In any case, Chapter Eight is up, for anyone who wants to read it.  It’s …

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So the time’s about here for me to start on the rewrite of Lesana.  A couple of hours ago, I was dreading it.  There was just so much to be done to the book.  But you know what?  I just got finished reading pieces of it as I was organizing my notes for the rewrite, and I discovered something: I’m excited. The thing is, I like the book.  Even with all the flaws it has right now, I can still see what it’s capable of becoming, and I’m sure I can make a book I’m happy with out of it.  …

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