Sort of an Odd Update

So I posted a new article to my website, but it’s a tad strange. It’s a guide to adaptation research.  I’ve done a lot of work in that field, and it’s intended to help anyone interested in researching the topic get a good start.  So if it’s something that interests you, dandy.

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I have a headache

Can I just say how much I hate headaches? I’ve had one all evening–through writing group and socializing. I probably should have just gone home early, but I’m so used to pretending to feel fine, that it’s almost second nature to me by now. And then of course I come home and it feels like

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Happy Presidents Day

Or at least I hope it was for all of you.  For me, it involved a lot of writing–I have two papers due this week, and then of course I had 1,000 words to write in addition to that.  I had wanted to get something posted on the web page today, but I just didn’t

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And so it begins

Well, it’s official now.  I started writing Ichabod today–just finished with my first thousand words.  If I keep that up every day but Sundays, I should be finished with it by the end of June.  I think that’s a fairly good goal, especially considering I’ll have to take a break in the middle to rewrite

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My First Book

I’ve posted up the text of my first book–written when I was in third grade. Take it for the comic relief it’s intended as. If I had had a mind for marketing back then, I should have tried to get it published. That would have show that Paolini kid a thing or two. Maybe I

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