Passport Resolution

I thought I’d take a moment to let you all know you can stop holding your breath: we officially have passports for everyone in the family after yesterday. It was a long, drawn out process (as most things are, when you involve the government.) In the end, we got in touch with some nice people at the Portsmouth, New Hampshire passport processing office (did you know they work until 11pm at night? I didn’t.) who worked with us to make sure the passports came through in time.

They called us (after I hunted down the super secret number they can be reached at. It took digging through Yelp reviews to finally come across it) and let us know they were processing the passports late last week. At first they were supposed to be done Thursday. Then Friday. Then they called (at 10pm! Night owls!) to say they could send them overnight to arrive on Monday, or we could drive down to Portsmouth to pick them up in person.

It was a 2.5 hour drive one way, but after contemplating the idea of hanging the fate of our entire European vacation on the abilities of the US Postal Service, Denisa drove down in person with DC and MC and got the passports yesterday. Huzzah!

(And it looks like they didn’t charge us the $150 to expedite them. So there’s that as well.)

In any event, we’re pretty much squared away now. I’m working today and Denisa is at home with the kids wrangling the rest of our luggage together, and we zip off this afternoon for Montreal. I have no idea how often I’ll be able to update the blog while I’m away. I’ll try to do it now and then, but vacation comes first. So try not to miss me too much, and check Facebook if you’re looking for day to day updates.

So long, folks!

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