Pasta Drive!

Short and sweet post for you today. I’m taking part in a pasta drive, which is pretty much just self explanatory. For the rest of this week and next (until Friday 2/2), I’m collecting dry pasta (and pasta sauce). It’s part of Z107.3’s Ton of Pasta food drive that’s going on February 10th in Bangor. My local church is throwing in with them (not on any official capacity–just trying to use it as a good mechanism to get food to hungry people, and why reinvent the wheel?)

February 2nd is my cut off, because that’s when I can get it to the people who will then get it to the Bangor drop off on the 10th. So between now and then, if you’ve got pasta, I’ll gladly take whatever you’ve got or can afford to give. Bring it by my office in the library, or get in touch with me about another way for me to get hold of it. Let’s do some good!


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