Pick Your Own YA Fantasy: A Reassessment

PYO-LogoOkay, folks. Let’s get real here for a moment. Today should be part 15 of this ongoing web story. It’s been a strange experiment, and I’ve enjoyed parts of it and disliked other parts of it. Writing a story 1,000 words at a time with input from the readers has been less than ideal. I loved the input, but the haphazard pacing hasn’t been very fun.

And then there’s that bit about “input from the readers.” Part 14 has been viewed once. One time. That might even have been me looking at it. Hard to tell. But suffice it to say that the audience has sort of jumped off a cliff, in terms of numbers.

I don’t generally give up on projects. And I certainly would be willing to continue to give this the old college try, but in this case, it looks to me like it’s time to admit the experiment was fun while it lasted, but it has stayed past its welcome.

I could end the project easily enough: “John and Liese took a few steps into the library, put down the Tome of Ra, brushed their hands, nodded to each other, and Khalid teleported them back to their respective homes in a twinkling of an eye. John got his bear claw slippers back on and went straight to bed, exhausted.”

And that would be that. Perhaps that will be that. If anyone’s particularly fond of the idea of continuing this, let me know. Otherwise, I think I’ll shift my Wednesday posting schedule back to its original “whatever I feel like talking about” routine.

Thanks for playing, peoples.


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