Sundry Movie Reviews

I’ve seen three films that I need to update you all on. In order from worst to best (because bad reviews are always more fun):

Eagle Eye–This movie could have been okay if they just moved the setting into the near future instead of the present. As it is, it just turned out to be laughably unrealistic, which is disappointing, since I loved Disturbia, the last time LeBeouf paired up with Caruso on a film. This one tells the tale of a kid who is “activated” to become what seems to be part of a terrorist cell–against his wishes. Much intrigue and shoddy plotting ensues. Maybe if I didn’t know how far from the truth some of the stuff portrayed is, I would have liked it better. Sounds like it was originally a Spielberg movie, then he left and it got cannibalized by four other writers, and this is the dreck we’re left with. One and a half stars.

The Incredible Hulk–Finally got around to watching this one, and DKC and I really enjoyed it. Fun action scenes, great effects, sweet sound on my system–thumbs up. If you don’t know the plot of this one, you can guess. Bruce Banner tries not to become angry. He fails. Three stars.

Star Trek–Yes, it’s true. I actually made it to the theaters. I think I’ll be making it out more often this summer–do some matinees or something. This one was a blast. I don’t think any of you need me to sum up the film for you. So I’ll just say that I thought it was really well done, and I give it a strong three and a half stars. DKC also enjoyed it–so much so that at the end, she even said she’d like to watch it again. This one’s a keeper.

In other news, I am now down to 206.6. That’s 19.4 pounds of weight that I’m not lugging around with me anymore. 16.6 pounds to go, although if I don’t make it all the way down, I won’t really be upset. I’m already very pleased with how far I’ve come. 8.6% of my weight, gone. Nice.

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  1. Way to go on the weight loss!! That’s awesome. I really liked Eagle Eye – maybe I’m easily pleased, though. 🙂

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