Support Your Library with Your Tax Refund

I get it. Tax refunds are sweet sweet moola. You look forward to using that money to do important things. Buying snow blowers. Taking trips to someplace warmer. And I’m not here to tell you not to do any of that. What you do with your tax refund is between you and that $2,000 of instant chocolate pudding you’re thinking of buying.

However . . .

Did you know that if you live in Maine, you can throw your library a little bit of that tax refund? And you can do it with a single click of a mouse?

It’s a little thing called the Maine Public Library Fund. When you’re filing your state taxes, you’ll get to the part where they ask you if you want to send any money to “Charitable Contributions.” (It’s where you can also buy park passes.) The library fund is the sixth option. You click a box and say you want to donate $5 (or more!), and then put in how much you want to donate ($5, $10, $25, or more) and click ok. That’s it!

Last year, this raised over $30,000 for Maine public libraries. Around 3,000 people contributed money. This year, there’s a goal to get 5,000 people involved and hopefully raise over $50,000.

What does the money go for? All sorts of grants to help libraries do new and exciting things. Create makerspaces for teens, add technology to children’s rooms, start robotics clubs, enhance story times. Libraries are about so much more than just books these days, but it often takes a bit of seed money to get projects off the ground and let them soar. This money lets libraries do just that.

Basically, it’s a way of tossing a tip to libraries. You’ll know your money will be put to good use and directly benefit other people here in Maine. And let’s be honest, $1,975 worth of instant chocolate pudding is pretty much  indistinguishable from $2,000 worth of the stuff. You still get oodles of instant chocolate pudding either way, but my way, you also benefit other people. I think that warm, fuzzy feeling you’ll have inside after doing that will make that chocolate pudding taste all the sweeter.

Just sayin’


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