The Catch 22 of Me and Colds

You know what I hate? I hate when I get a cold, because there’s pretty much nothing I can do about feeling miserable. I mean, if I take nothing, then I go around sniffling and snuffling for forever, with a headache and sore throat. If, on the other hand, I take some cold medication, then I get totally zonked out. I mean, head-in-a-pillow, so tired I can’t stay awake zonked out. Neither of those options really appeal to me, which is why it’s such a pain that I get colds so often.

Such is my curse.

It’s snowing outside right now. We’re supposed to get more than a foot, and naturally it didn’t start really going at it until 10 or so. Is it too much to ask for snow storms that start at three in the morning? Though word on the street is that we got a half day at work. I wouldn’t know. I’m home sick.

And grumpy. Go away. You don’t want to talk to me right now. Trust me.

4 thoughts on “The Catch 22 of Me and Colds”

  1. Four special words for ya, Advil Cold and Sinus my friend, you don’t have to thank me. it’s so good, you have to bring your driver’s license to the pharmacy, and ask in low tones to get some, but it is SOOOOOO worth the effort.

  2. OK, the reason it’s behind the pharmacy counter now is because our lesser neighbors like to use the sudaphedrine in it to make other, um, phedrine type things. No, if anything, don’t take it too close to bed time, your mind will just race. Awake in daily life though you don’t notice.

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