The Dishwasher Saga

As you likely know if you read my blog regularly, our current plan is to renovate our kitchen this year. Right now we’re looking at August. COVID pushes everything back. Always. We first wanted to do it back last spring, then we bumped that to the fall, and then to this spring, and now to August. Meanwhile, the price of lumber has skyrocketed, leading me to believe the industry has been taken over by some drug cartel. (I mean, it’s gotten three times as expensive in less than a year. Yowzers.)

But Denisa and I are undaunted. We want to press forward. For one thing, we already bought a new refrigerator when our old one broke during the pandemic, and the new one doesn’t fit where the old one used to go. This means we have our fridge in a different room than the kitchen. Now, I may not be a professional kitchen designer, so perhaps this is some new cutting edge approach to kitchen layouts, but I’ll say from experience, it’s Less Than Optimal when it comes to actually using your fridge. Also, our dishwasher is gurgling its way to an approaching death. The interior rack is literally rusting away to nothing, and I’m beginning to think people may need a tetanus shot just looking at it.

Which is why we bought a brand spanking NEW dishwasher on black Friday. Yes, it was earlier than we thought we needed to buy it, but I did some research into dishwasher storage, and it looked like we’d be fine leaving it in the garage over the winter, even in Maine temperatures. Little did we know that buying the dishwasher at the end of November meant we wouldn’t actually get it until . . .

Who knows? Not yet. We’ve called the company multiple times to keep getting updates. Supposedly we’re now the 13th people in line. (How long was this line to begin with?!?) This means we should have a dishwasher with our name on it in the next shipment of Bosch dishwashers the company gets. (I would say this all sounds fishy, but this isn’t my first kitchen appliance rodeo during the pandemic, remember? Getting the fridge required a not-so-minor miracle, and thank goodness that came through. Our backup plan was to use the hand-me-down fridge we have in the garage, which we still have from Breadweavers days. I’m not 100% sure, but my gut says this would have been less useful than having a fridge in an adjacent room to the kitchen . . .)

Theoretically, we should get our dishwasher sometime in April. But remember, that will then be contingent on the postal service (or some delivery service) getting it here. So maybe it’s good we’re not planning to use it until August. (And boy am I glad we bought it in November. If we bought it now, it almost certainly wouldn’t have arrived in time for our renovation.)

Now if you’ll excuse me, my lumber dealer just texted me to tell me he got a new shipment of premium white pine in, and if I don’t run over to pick it up now, I’m going to regret it. Here’s hoping the police don’t bust the trade this time.


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