The Hunt for Gollum

Okay–really cool, geeky thing to share with you all today. A bunch of fans just released their version of a prequel to the Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum. It tells the tale of Aragorn’s search for Gollum, once Gandalf knew that the little stinker might pose some problems for their efforts against Sauron. What makes this so particularly cool is how good of a job they did on it–on a budget of $4500. To make a 45 minute film that looks this good, with that little amount of money . . . I find that really cool. I mean, don’t go watch it expecting to see the latest and greatest Hollywood release–watch it and think to yourself, “Could I make that for under 5 grand?”

I have yet to finish it (haven’t had the chance yet), so I suppose there’s a chance they dumped all their budget into the first 15 minutes, but I doubt it. Any of you out there watch it? What do you think?

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