Time for a Breather

After running around doing conferences and meetings, I’m heading off today for a vacation. Not sure how much I’ll be posting in my absence, but I imagine I’ll have a thing or two to say. I’m very much looking forward to the break, however. It seems like the world is melting down around us at the moment, between Paris and Syria and Mali and on and on.

Seriously. It’s like every day there’s some new, horrible thing going on in the world. I have no idea if some of these are connected or if it’s just a sign of where the world is these days. Either way, I could really use some good news. Or some absence of bad news. It’s just depressing.

What will I be doing on my vacation?

  • Heading into New York to catch a Broadway show, go to the LDS temple there, and catch up with my agent.
  • Playing plenty of games.
  • Watching plenty of movies.
  • Reading plenty of books.
  • Eating plenty of food.
  • Watching plenty of football.
  • Polishing off the latest draft of THE MEMORY THIEF.

That’s such a better “to do” list than what I’ve had going for the last while. I’m going to do my darnedest to actually get it all done.

How are you going to be spending your Thanksgiving break?

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