Tomas Update: Week 5 at the MTC

Ahoj everyone!! It’s been such a fast week since my last email, probably because not a lot has happened, but I’ll try my best to make this interesting. I’ll start with the language and such – I feel like it’s coming along so well! At first when I got here I was worried seven weeks would be too short and I’d feel all stressed about going, but now I am just ready to leave. Just like 13 more days and I’ll be in Slovakia if all goes according to plan. Our practice lessons are continuing to go well and every day I feel like I speak a little better – I’ve come so far from where I was when I got here. This week I’ve been doing “šťastný moment dňa,” which all the Slovak missionaries have been doing – every day, I post a “happy moment of the day” in Slovak. It’s so fun to see what they’re doing out there – yesterday I watched my uncle cut open a water bottle with a sword.

It snowed last week as I was writing my email! We got like two inches in some places, which promptly disappeared two days later. Maybe it will snow again – that combined with having all my google photos is making me miss skiing a lot. It’s impressive how much the temperature varies here, and how temperamental the weather is. If it’s cold, it should stay that way – but it never does.

We still clean bathrooms every Tuesday, but last week we got to clean a different set of them which included vacuuming the indoor track (which is weird – it’s 160m, square, and has four super sharp corners making it very inconvenient to run on) with a ghostbuster vacuum. You know we’re having fun out here when the highlight of my week is using a cool vacuum for an hour.

I lied – the highlight was probably when we got to hear another devotional from an apostle last night – Elder Bednar. He talked a bit about what apostles actually do – he’s spent 4 of the last 18 years (as in 4*365 days) just traveling on planes and everything. They do a lot of work that kinda goes unseen. He also talked about the importance of sequences in the scriptures, a sort of forest for the trees sorta deal, and also how so many people believe the gospel applies to everyone but them – so true. It was great to hear from another apostle and was such an incredible experience.

Okay, that’s about it for this week. I’ll throw on some pictures but again, not much happened this week.

Love you all,

Starší Cundick


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