Travel Time

I have a fairly crazy month ahead of me. No idea what it’s going to do to my blogging, but I do know it’s sunk it for today. To give you an idea of my schedule, here are my destination totals for the next month:

  • Augusta (45 minutes away): 3 times
  • Bangor (90 minutes away): 7 times
  • Bethel (60 minutes away): 1 time
  • Atlantic City (540 minutes away): 1 time

Seeing as how some of those trips are for multiple days, I’m going to be away or on the road for 20 days this coming month.

No wonder I feel busy.

I know many people go on many more trips than that for work, but it’s definitely a lot for me. Not all of it is work. (Some of those trips are for church, and I’ll have more to say about that when I have the time.)

So consider this a spot to complain. How many days are you going to be on the road or away from home the next month? Is that normal for you, or excessive? Share!

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