TV Show Recommendation: iZombie

Let’s get this out of the way right off: it’s got a horrible title. iZombie? It’s gag-worthy. I get what they were going for (I think): I, Zombie. iZombie. Current. Hip.

It doesn’t work at all, though. There’s no technology in the show. It’s not about Apple fan-zombies. It’s a million times better than whatever you think of when you hear the title.

How’s this for a summary? Veronica Mars went to college, got engaged, was living the dream. And then she got turned into a zombie. Not a mindless zombie. As long as she feeds on brains fairly regularly, she’s just fine. Sort of like a vampire getting his daily blood fix. And because she’s Veronica Mars, she decided to start working at a morgue, where she could eat brains without killing people. And those brains give her the ability of the humans they belonged to. Was it the brain of an artist? Then she becomes a passionate painter. That sort of thing. She also gets to see glimpses from their life, and use those glimpses to solve murders.

It’s fun, witty, and sleek. It’s also created by the same guy behind Veronica Mars, so it makes sense that they have the same sort of vibe to them.

I don’t really have too much to add, other than that I wanted to try and increase the visibility of this show. It’s worth your time, despite what the title may lead you to believe.

That is all.

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