Upgrading My Vision

IMG_1905I got ordered new glasses a few weeks ago, and they finally arrived yesterday. I bought them through eyebuydirect.com, mainly because last time I had paid for eye insurance through work, thinking that would save me money in the long run. When it came time to buy glasses, I had to get them through the eye doctor’s and I still paid over $200 for them. (But I was getting “discounts” on frames that would have been $200 on their own, so wasn’t that a great deal? No. No, it wasn’t. I’d already paid something like $100 or more for the insurance.)

Remembering that, I ditched the eye insurance and decided to buy online. I got my prescription from the doctor, and then trotted over to check things out on the interwebs. And of course, that’s when I discovered the biggest flaw in ordering glasses online. You can’t try them on. (I know. I should have figured that our earlier.) But they had this handy dandy software that let you upload a picture and then try the glasses on virtually, which I used.

My last pair was tight on my head, and the lenses themselves were fairly small. This time, I wanted something that was bigger, both in fit and in lens size. (Why pay all sorts of money for large screen televisions and then buy glasses that are small screen? Riddle me that.) So I picked a pair out, tricked them out with the latest “easy to read computer screens” technology, and ordered them, all for $120. Total cost savings? Over $200.)

And so now the glasses are here. I’ll admit they’re a bit bigger than I thought they would be. Eyebuydirect lets you send them back for free if you’re not 100% satisfied. I’m a bit on the fence. I really like being able to see so much in my field of vision, and the size is growing on me. What do you think?

In the end, the best thing about new glasses is that it feels like I’ve upgraded my vision to high definition. Everything was blurry and fuzzy before, and now it’s all crisp again, which is lovely. If any of you haven’t bought glasses online before, I heartily recommend it. Lots cheaper, and you can get just what you want. (Some companies even send you frames ahead of time. You can try them on, pick out the one you like, and send them back. I didn’t do that, because lazy.)

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