Various Sundries for Your Friday

I’m at meetings and underway all day today, so no real time to blog. However, a few quick points:

First, I was 194.6 this morning, which means I’m officially normal weight again. So let there be much rejoicing (that doesn’t involve anything high in calories.)

Second, I’m sick somehow, which is no fun. It’s nothing serious yet. Just low energy levels and a sore throat. Hoping it doesn’t get worse.

And third, I introduced my kids to Animaniacs this week. They were skeptical at first (they’ve had bad experiences with some of the things I hyped up before), but I’m overjoyed to report that the show is still flat out hilarious. (Except for Good Feathers. They’re still awful.)

And so I’ve had these two songs kicking around my head for the past few days. Enjoy:

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